I graduated, now what?

As the end of the course approaches, it is only natural that graduates begin to look more closely at the job market of their future professions. At this very moment many doubts fill the thoughts of the academics, generating uncertainty and even fear of the future Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado. Medicine, being one of the most challenging professions and with a diversity of paths, consequently causes many questions to the newly graduates: And now, where do I start to work?

The academic environment gives us fun and at the same time much knowledge. However, in the last semesters of college and soon after graduation, the doubts and the countless questions are evident in the reflections of those who are finishing the course or have just graduated. Many professions, such as medicine, allow a wide range of options, which leads to more uncertainty in the choice of the path to be covered. “Medicine has a range of possibilities after graduation Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado. The recent graduate can take a contest, attend the clinic, hospital and even work only with research. Currently, the area of ​​private patient care is restricted because it is more difficult for the population to remunerate a private physician because of the purchasing power. A hiring by some institution is more attractive for a young doctor, “says the pediatrician and Coordinator of the Ufrgs course of medicine, Alberto Mainieri Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e TEse de Doutorado.

Some young doctors prefer to spend time working with general practice and later make the residency. About pursuing specialization soon after the course or not, Mainieri believes that this issue is linked with the conception of each individual. “Today, the most attractive for the market is the professional with specialization, but there is no need to seek residency soon after finishing college. That depends on the history of each student. It’s very personal”. On the other hand, most of the students enter the residence after graduation, and the choice of specialization usually comes during the course. “Throughout the course students will identify with each specialty. Usually they arrive at the end with some doubts, but the majority is demonstrating empathy with each area. The choice ends up being more for the pleasure than with the economic gains. The main thing is to feel good and fulfilled, “says Mainieri.

The president of the SIMERS (NAS) Academic Nucleus, Barbara Dalla Corte, a student of the ninth semester of medicine at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre (UFCSPA) chose to do the residency once she finished college, believing it to be a a newly formed. “I think the residence is a kind of security, because we left college a little raw Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado. With the residence you have the preceptor to help you. I see that the market is quite specialized, so people are looking for a specialist. I want to do specialization in neurology or general surgery. I would be happy to work in these two areas, “says Barbara. Gisele Belloli, NAS Vice President, ULBRA’s seventh-semester medical student, also opted for specialization. However, doubts came before decision-making. “My perspective is to stay in neurosurgery. I have always enjoyed it since the beginning of college, so I went through internships to evaluate how the doctors and residents work. Sometimes I got discouraged because most of the professionals in this specialty are men and so they said it would be difficult for me. I tried to see other areas that I might like. I researched, but I really like neurosurgery, ” Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.

Both Barbara and Gisele sought information on the fields of medicine and the respective specialties they chose. Both consider it an essential task for those who are approaching the final stretch, just as they are. “Searching the market, the routine of each specialization, is very important before going to any area. If there is any tip that I can pass on to those who have just entered medicine, it is this “, stresses the President of the Academic Nucleus. For graduates who have just graduated, Manieri gives some tips on how to act professionally. “First thing is to have patience and not be too strict with yourself. We came out knowing many things, but little too. Still insufficient with what we need to know. To understand that much of the knowledge is acquired through practice, to face the challenges with disposition and serenity in each service. Another orientation is to follow the dreams and dedicate themselves to the maximum, because, as in all professions, in medicine we can not achieve anything if there is no effort, ” Monografias Prontas, Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado.